Pelosi Threat : ‘If Obamacare Goes, So Does Medicare’


One of Donald Trump’s main campaign promises in 2016 was that he would remove and replace the Affordable Care Act, sometimes referred to as “Obamacare”, which covers millions of Americans with health insurance.

It is now 2020, and although the President has only removed the mandate leaving most of the system intact, not much has been done about the rest, and no alternative whatsoever has been proposed.

Paul Ryan has a plan involving duct tape and making Windex into pills.

With a losing 2020 election proposition coming, Trump has doubled-down on his promise to eliminate the program but still speaks in mumbling baby-talk about how to replace it and promises that pre-existing conditions will be covered while simultaneously fighting to eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions in court.

Some people say this confirms his standing as a mentally-challenged habitual liar who is so jealous of his predecessor Barack Obama, that only a lobotomy of both the brain and penis would help.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi agrees.

So, she’s issued a statement to the editor of Newsqueefer’s Weekly Wind, Joe Barron, threatening that she will direct Congress to eliminate the Medicare program should Trump continue to be a dick and not care if American citizens die from preventable illnesses.

“Everyone knows that Trump’s idiot supporters are mostly seniors.  The Fox News cult of gullible demented deplorables.  That’s fine.  If they don’t care about their fellow countrymen’s health and well-being, they can go first.

We’ll see how they like paying $500 each for their diabetes pills and ten grand for a hospital visit.  Nobody will shed a tear for the ignorant dum dums who lived for nearly a century and still can’t recognize a con man.

Good thing Obamacare covers mental health, huh?  I mean, if they bothered to get up from the plastic-covered couch and sign up.”

The Andy Griffith show will still be there when you get back.

Pelosi concluded that she didn’t have a problem with keeping the social safety-net program if the President would come to his senses.

But it may be a rough wait since he appears to get more and more unhinged by the day.

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