Mark Knopfler, Deep State Operative, Comes Forward With Biden Emails

The truth is right there in front of you

The Biden laptop story just got a lot more interesting. A lot more. A former friend of the Biden family, one who considered himself a deep state operative has come forward with several hundred emails between him and Hunter Biden.

This is the holy grail for the Trump administration and spells bad news for Hunter and Joe Biden. This is big, folks.

The emails go back years, and they match everything found on the laptop and even go further than that. Receipts, passwords, code words, it’s all there.

Mark Knopfler, an Australian businessman who the Biden family has ties to, came forward with everything.  Knopfler, who has dual citizenship in Australia and the United States, said it was for his conscience and his country. Knopfler fears now he is in serious dire straits.

Custom kitchens, microwave ovens, refrigerators were just some of the hot items that the Biden and Knopfler were delivering to the Ukrainians for big money. It was more than oil.

Many of these items were illegal in Ukraine, and Biden and Knopfler were moving them in large numbers. Even color TVs, which are a big commodity in Ukraine, were smuggled in. Ukrainians used them because they wanted their MTV, which is banned in Ukraine.

Biden, with an earring and makeup, was in disguise as these illegal shipments passed through the Ukrainian ports. Knopfler would point him out to get other Ukrainians who were willing to do dirty work to make quick cash.

“See that guy, that’s his own hair, he’s got his own jet airplane, that guy is a millionaire,”

People who were poor and destitute, they jumped on it, and soon there was a Ukrainian crime ring that couldn’t be traced back to Biden.

Department of Justice investigation team led by Joseph Barron was pouring through these emails with great interest. Barron couldn’t believe was Biden was into.

“He could’ve learned to play the guitar. The drums. He could’ve been a rock star, and got his money for nothing and his chicks for free.”  

The story is developing with all kinds of twists and turns and has a decidedly 1980’s aesthetic.  Stay tuned.