Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals Longtime Struggle with Lycanthropy

"It didn't pass me by, dad, it landed on my face."

Freshman representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been no stranger to controversy during her short time in Washington. The Republican from Georgia has shed an unflattering light on many Democratic politicians and their policies.

Not only has she had to fight off attacks from across the aisle, but from some of her lesser party members as well, all while staunchly supporting President Trump.

The strength she displays is as admirable as it is inspiring. To continually hold her ground in the face of the bald-faced lies regarding her character is a testament to her constitution. But from where does she summon this strength? 

Today, we know the sad truth. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been struggling with lycanthropy for 31 years.

In a teary and heartfelt message to her constituents, Greene revealed her chronic diagnosis. After a date with her high school sweetheart and local basketball star, Scott Howard, she began to notice changes in her body. 

Abnormal fingernail and toenail growth, soreness in the canine teeth, and excessive body hair became her new norm. These changes were typically accompanied by long lapses in her memory and resulted in tattered and torn clothing.

Unfortunately, lycanthropy is a very rare condition and therefore has not received the benefit of thorough research. Proper care is difficult, if not impossible to come by.  In fact, many medical professionals believe lycanthropy to be a hoax, or the result of pre-existing mental conditions.

This brazen attitude often veils those suffering from the condition in shame, making it even more difficult to seek help. They often go into hiding or join clans in densely wooded areas with others stricken with the same ailment.

However, Greene is not alone in her struggle. Hollywood actors Scott Speedman, Seth Green, and the great Lon Chaney Jr. are among dozens of others who have suffered in silence. Hopefully, cases like Greene’s will bring more awareness to the crippling and often misunderstood condition.

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