Many People Are Asking, ‘Is Trump God’s Second Son?’

The truth is right in front of you

The question has been argued amongst theologians and common folk since before the 2016 election, and now with his second term on the horizon, it’s a question that demands a closer look: Is Trump God’s second son?

The signs are many. From his calm demeanor in the face of liberal aggression to his charity with immigrants and lesser people, Trump has constantly set examples of what it means to be a true Christian and live by the word of God.  

It is said that when he bows his head in prayer in the Oval Office, a calm comes over the entire White House. Staffers often stop whatever they are doing and bask in awe of the President’s communion with the Lord.

It gives them great confidence knowing that they are working for someone so connected to God. 

Democrats are quick to point out that Trump does not regularly attend church. This argument is made largely out of context.

The fact is that Trump spends most of his Sunday’s counseling ministers, priests, and other members of the clergy in how to better serve the Lord.

In essence, Trump does not attend church because church attends Trump.

When Jesus walked the earth, he made his disciples “fishers of men”, using them to grow the Kingdom of God. We see this in the President’s very own administration. Mike Pence is Trump’s John the Baptist, Kellyanne Conway his Mary Magdalene. Their policies have helped grow the Kingdom of God on a federal level. 

While most agree that Trump was indeed sent by God to serve the American people, a greater question might be would this make him God’s second son, essentially the brother of Jesus, or the second coming of Jesus himself. 

That is a question that will have biblical scholars arguing for decades. The true answer may only be found in the hearts of men of faith. 

Whether Trump is indeed Jesus’ brother or the second coming, true Americans of faith know that our country is being lead by the will of God. No matter where we stand on this argument, one thing is without question. Trump is divine. 

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