Major League Baseball Jerseys Will Soon Feature the Fist of Black Power

The truth is right in front of you

In the midst of all of the recent public fury created by BLM and the Antifas, many consumer brands have been choosing sides. Most, unfortunately, have chosen to align themselves with the anarchists on the street, a decision that will likely lead to many bankruptcies as true patriots begin their very successful boycotts of the products of those companies.

Major League Baseball, home of America’s favorite pastime, is one of those brands that has turned their back on America. Opening day saw virtually every player from a multitude of teams kneel in solidarity with the BLM movement. They have lifted any restrictions on kneeling for the anthem front their rule book, and they are even going so far as to display banners and signs from the Marxist movement throughout their ballparks.

And they’re not done. The league has announced its intention to add an emblem to the uniforms of every player on the field. A plan is in the works to add a patch to the chest of all jerseys that will feature none other than a black raised fist, the adopted symbol of the black power movement of the 60s.

Players do not have a choice in this matter. They cannot opt-out of sporting the emblem. In fact, if any team member removes or desecrates the patch in any way, the league has promised to have them suspended from play indefinitely.

MLB Commissioner of Race Relations, Joe Barron, commented on what he describes as the great importance of this symbolic gesture:

“The fist does not represent black power. It is symbolic of power to all people. That the one we are using is black is incidental. It’s a neutral color. In fact, it’s not a color at all scientifically. It’s the absence of all color.

We want to spread the message that ultimate power belongs to the people, not to the pigs. The man is always trying to bring us down, but we won’t let him. All of them are pigs. The government, the law, coaches, and managers. All the people who try to control you are in on it. They need to be made aware that we are actually the ones that control them.

This league is committed to the revolution. We are committed to talking down the establishment. We see a future where wealth is shared instead of being held in the hands of a few. This day will come, I promise you, and we will be leading the way there.”

This man cannot speak for all in the major leagues. This kind of talk is radicalism. It is communist! This cannot be where our beloved game has gone but, if it is, that will be its downfall. The days of professional baseball in America will be over.

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