Liberals Want Pronouns Taught In Elementary Schools

Liberal school teachers and board administrators have gone too far. They are going to teach pronouns in schools. She/her, he/him, the indoctrination just won’t stop with these heathens. The National Education Association has written the guidelines on how to teach people with their “proper” pronouns in schools starting at the beginning of the new school year.

Teaching Arabic numerals wasn’t enough for liberal indoctrination of America’s children.  Now they’re pushing this trash on young, impressionable minds. This is literally the world liberals want and in this case, they may just get it.

The liberal left is going too far here. Way too far, and with Biden in charge, there’s no stopping them.

Teaching children to address people as their genders goes against everything we as God-Fearing Christian Conservatives stand for. It’s disgusting, especially because most of us won’t even stand at Walmart, choosing to ride around on scooters instead.

Not content with being simply uneducated, any form of exercise, even the simple act of walking is way too much to do for the MAGA crowd.

So many of the people interviewed for this story were appalled at the thought of these poor children learning pronouns. “They’re just children!” screamed BobbieJo BillyFrank Duke, a Kentucky resident. “They get enough indoctrination from that other book learnin’ they do. The only book they need is the Bible, ain’t no need to learn about someone’s weird preferences!”  When asked if she went by Miss or Mrs Duke, she replied her “brother don’t care, just don’t call me single!” she giggled.

Professor of gender studies at Fillmore Academy in California, Mr Joseph Barron simply rolled his eyes. “Let me guess, they don’t understand what pronouns are…” he quipped, adding “I’m not going to tell them. Let them figure this one out”. If only there were a tool, something to read, maybe a dictionary or a website with a dictionary that would help these poor souls figure this out, but alas, they will not.

God bless America!

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