Liberals Push Socialism To Kids Through Sesame Street, Fox Reports

The truth is right there in front of you

Liberals have done it now. Not even children are safe from their liberal propaganda machine. Sesame Street, a children’s television program hosted by PBS, has gone too far. Pushing that vaccines are good, and doing it not only on PBS, our public airwaves, but also on CNN. Liberal leftist parents are sitting their children down to feed them propaganda on CNN, while children of patriotic conservative Christians are being inundated on our public airwaves, promoting communism. It’s a bridge too far.

Sesame Street was a wholesome, educational television program that taught American children good principles and morals. Not anymore. Liberals have destroyed it. No longer is Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird teaching young minds to pledge allegiance to the flag or read their bibles or respect their elders. Now liberals have turned it into a communist propaganda machine to push socialistic ideologies to children.  Have they no shame?

In all reality, Sesame Street has always taught kids to be inclusive and respectful. They still do. But that won’t stop conservatives, the dumbest kind, to attack Sesame Street and Big Bird on Fox News and NewsMax and other garbage far right platforms. I mean, what else is Ted Cruz going to pretend to be outraged about? The prices of margaritas in Cancun when his constituents have no electricity and are freezing? He’s gotta do something while Trump is making fun of his wife and he pretends to defend her honor.

Everyone knows about the socialistic leanings of Snuffaluffagus and Oscar The Grouch. But most of the most ardent conservative parents just knew that Big Bird and Elmo were hardcore constitutional conservatives. Or so they thought. Telling children to love one another. To respect other religion and races, and now to get vaccinated for the good of themselves and others? This is a bridge too far. How dare they even suggest such a thing?

Pretty soon kids will have nothing to watch on tv except for Fox News with their parents and maybe Tucker Carlson will bring out a stuffed character that kids can get behind, but not in front for fears that Matt Gaetz will try to take liberties with them. Educational programming should be just that. Educational. Learn to worship dear leader Trump, hate all those that don’t look like you and screw the poor. Just like 1930’s Germany.

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