Liberal Mayor De Blasio Bans Halloween in NYC


Yet again, the Mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, is penalizing citizens for his own hatred towards the President and his fans by banning Halloween!

The mayor has announced that due to Liberal activists, who want to protect the candied green grasshopper, who lives in the jungles of the pacific island of Morona Morona, which supplies the world with most of the chocolate, they will be canceling Halloween forthwith.

I tried to reach out to De Blasio but he was holidaying on Lake Tahoe. Which, may I add, is against his own wishes, “Unnecessary travel is illegal.”

This racist plan to get rid of America’s favorite Christian invention and pass time once a year, has now been the victim of the radical left’s cancel culture and ire. We as [p]atriots need to dunk apples and eat bonfire taffy. Nowhere else in the world has Halloween ever been banned.

So why does America have to suffer this lame brain leftist plea?

The idea behind it being is that Kids have been shut indoors and not exercising so much so, Michelle Obama advised – NO CANDY! Does their meddling ever stop!? Moreover, it has been commented by the liberal media that Hershey is owned by republicans and the city wants to “sock it to their profits”

Bill De Blasio has shown contempt and their “good for the goose,” mantra isn’t so good for the gander, it seems. The ruling classes seem to have their own rules when it comes to keeping a popular face.

However the Trump costume out this year was too popular for De Blasio to stomach and didn’t want to even see the face of our President on the streets of NYC,. so it had to go. Another awful move by the liberal Mayor!

New York will start an extensive carpet ban on the witching hour on October 31, when our national American holiday will commence.

They’ve already started the war on (dare I say it) Christmas, to the point that the radical left is now dictating to use how many trick or treats we can have! First, they took the national anthem and took a knee on it.

Now they want to spoil children’s fun by cancel culture tactics for the holidays we have in our American calendars!

I’m foaming at the mouth and I can’t handle the irrational behavior of some left-leaning people who think they have some moral justification to do such a thing. As yet there is no response from the leader of God’s country, El Presidente Trump. I think he would have quite a few things to say when he gets wind of this atrocious attack on our liberties. M.A.G.A

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