Lakers Hung Up on Trump During Congratulatory Call

The truth is right in front of you

The Los Angeles Lakers won their NBA leading 17th championship over the Miami Heat, led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

After the presentation of the trophy by a socially distanced Commissioner Adam Silver and the associated interviews, the Lakers retreated to their locker room to really get their celebration started.

As is customary when a major sports team wins the championship, they received the great honor of a phone call from our Dear Leader, President Trump.

What happened next is the biggest abomination that has ever happened in the history of our country.

The Lakers treated the call initially with the proper respect, but it was only a ploy to get him to lower his guard.  Starstruck assistant equipment manager Art Tubolls answered the phone initially and was accepting the congratulations from the President when the actual players took the phone.

White House spokesperson Joe Barron said what happened next,

“The first person that answered was great. The call was going well until the team took the phone away from him. They laughed at our President. They mocked him. They said they can’t wait until he’s gone. I think one of them even farted on the phone.  It was disgusting.

Then one of them said for everyone to be quiet, asked the President if he could hear something really quiet on the phone, at which point he said he couldn’t and pressed his ear closer and tighter. That’s when they blew the air horn into the phone, laughed hysterically and hung up on him.

It’s the most disgraceful and disgusting thing that has ever happened to the Office of the President of the United States in history.”

Our President has always been the bigger person when it comes to dealing with things like this so the team will still be invited to the White House to be honored for their victory this year, even though they should be tried for abuse of the President instead.

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