Kung Pao: Biden’s China Agenda Exposed

The truth is right in front of you

The Biden family’s dealings with China have been long documented. As early as 1972, Joe Biden engaged in backroom dealings with the communist nation in order to further his own interests and pad his own pockets.

These acts are not only unbecoming of a U.S. Senator or Vice-President, but they are also blatant treason.

You don’t work clandestinely towards your own benefit with a nation such as China without having to return the favor at some point. There’s a reason Biden received the “most votes in history” for a presidential candidate.

Now that Biden, with the help of China, has gaffled the presidency, it looks like Uncle Sam will be ordering Chinese takeout for the next four years.

As he fills his forthcoming cabinet with longtime patsies, perhaps the most noteworthy assignment is naming Jack Burton as the Ambassador to China. Burton has been negotiating deals with China on behalf of Biden for over two decades. 

He and his Chinese counterpart, Lo Pan, have established a virtual highway of corruption between the Biden family and the Chinese government, allowing American resources and military secrets to flow outward while money came straight to Biden’s bank account.

Chinese propaganda has infiltrated American society since the first Chinese restaurant opened in San Francisco in 1849. With every fortune cookie fortune that is read, Americans become more susceptible to the Chinese condition.

It is no coincidence that Biden-influenced  Democratic governors have closed restaurant dining rooms as a result of the China virus. It forces people in those states to order takeout or delivery. When this happens, they are more likely to order Chinese.

Even more frightening is the growing rumor that former presidential candidate Andrew Yang is the love child of Joe Biden and Chun Li, daughter of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

If this is true, it could pave the way for Biden and Xi to join their houses and effectively run the U.S. government from Beijing with Yang as our president.

The best way we can protect ourselves and our country from Biden and China (Bidina) is to remember what makes us American. Drink Coke, just not Mexican Coke. Watch American TV shows like The Office. Most importantly, if you must order Chinese food, order it from Panda Express.

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