Kamala Suspected of Trading ‘Favors’ with Debate Moderator For Preferential Treatment

The truth is right in front of you

Everyone knows that Kamala Harris hasn’t earned anything in her life. Our hardworking fact-checkers have proven time and time again that she slept her way to every position she has gotten and her crusade to be Vice President is no different.

In an exclusive report from the Dunning-Kruger Gazette, investigative journalist, Joe Barron, made these salacious claims:

“Yeah, she did it. She definitely did it. I’ve got all the evidence. It’s right here. It’s as clear as day. She is guilty. All the proof is right here. I have it. Believe me. It’s right here. It’s as clear as day that she did it. She’s completely guilty. She’s dead to rights. We got her. She’s guilty and I have the receipts. The proof is here in my possession. She is, without a doubt, guilty.

You can’t refute this proof.

The Democrats will certainly try, but it’s right here. It’s all here. All you have to do is read it for yourself. It says exactly what she did. And she did some bad things. Really bad things, in fact. Unspeakable things, even. It’s all right here.”

This report is hard to refute. It’s even more legitimate than the reliable Q source within the government.

Kamala did these dastardly deeds, and it’s not surprising since she is a Democrat after all. They only know fraud, eat hot chip, and lie. That’s the Democrat way right there.

We hope that Harris will be brought to justice. What she did is an affront to Democracy itself. This level of unfairness cannot be allowed to stand in this nation.

We are a nation of law and order. But not for Republicans. Only Democrats must be held to this standard.

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