Kamala Harris Forged Transcripts, Never Attended Howard University

Vice president-elect and longtime philanderer Kamala Harris has been known to do whatever it takes to climb the political ladder. Often times, this has included unsavory acts and back door favors.

As it turns out, we can add lying about her college education to that list.

Up until late yesterday, her Wikipedia page and government-issued website had her listed as attending Howard University from 1982-1986. An undercover investigation by an anonymous bipartisan political action committee has proven this to be false.

The PAC scoured through thousands of transcripts at the Howard University Hall of Records looking for any proof that Harris did indeed attend the prestigious institution to no avail.

This is in direct contrast to the diploma hanging on the wall of her senate office, an obvious forgery. When asked about Kamala Harris’ claim to have attended Howard, a University spokesman responded, “Who’s that?”

This brings into question several other claims Harris has made over the years. Most recently, she seemingly followed in the footsteps of fellow Democrat Elizabeth Warren during the campaign and claimed to be of Southern Indian descent.

This was an obvious ploy to attract Native American voters. As of yet, no tribe in the southern US has claimed Harris, and she has refused to participate in DNA testing to validate this claim.

This has surely sent the Biden team into a frenzy. The last thing they need is for Harris’ character to fall under even deeper scrutiny.

Harris will officially be the least educated, and thus, least qualified woman to ever assume the office of Vice President. Sources close to Biden have hinted at a contingency plan should he be forced to make a change due to this scandal.

Can anyone say, Hillary? Maybe Michele Obama? It’s rumored that even Stacey Abrams is being considered for hard work in Georgia.

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