Judge Orders New Trial for Officer Kim Potter

Justice Calvin Racker has ordered a new trial for Officer Kim Potter, who was convicted of manslaughter for shooting a man by accident. She testified that she thought the gun was a taser, and that she was sorry.

In most places, that would have been enough. Especially since we found out later that the guy she shot wasn’t a perfect citizen with a spotless record and good credit. Everyone knows those things are required for a shooting to not be justified, regardless of the circumstances.

Judge Racker agreed, and set aside her conviction. “I find it ridiculous that the jury ignored the shootee’s criminal record and instead asked to hold the weapon she should have used but didn’t,” said Racker, “How can they determine whether or not she had ever held one? It’s not justice, and it must not stand.”

The case will now be kicked down to the 23rd District Federal Filing Court to be expunged and a new date set. Pay attention, liberals. This is how the law really works.

After she’s released, Potter will have 90 days to file her own appeal with the 65th District Court of Appeals, Writs, and Sublets, at which time she’ll receive either a lawyer or a $110K stipend to hire one.

Ultimately, the whole thing will cost the taxpayers way too much to defend this person who did nothing wrong, if you’re an ignorant turd whose politics are on par with Mussollini.

God bless America.

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