Joe Montana: ‘In My Day, Kneeling Traitors Would Have Stood Up Or Else’

He's a REAL American!

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Joe Montana, was one of the greats. Not only was he an example on the field, the morality he displayed in his private life made him someone children could look up to off the field.

Joe showed respect to all. Never one to run up the score against the opposition and humiliate them, he kept his outstanding abilities in check when a win was inevitable.

He also loved our veterans, donating large parts of his salary to benefit them and saying, ‘Thank you for your service,’ whenever possible. Joe Montana is a good man.

A bad temperament is rarely been seen from Montana, but recent antics in the National Football League have outraged him like nothing before. And all of his anger began with Colin Kaepernick.

Mr. Montana was overheard speaking with friends at a luncheon on the subject of Kaepernick and kneeling for the national anthem. His disgust was not hidden.

“It all started with that Kaepernick punk. And on my team! The Niners were always a team proud of America and its heroes. What the hell happened?

When I think that the Kapernick a**hole was on my team, I just f**king lose it! That team was my legacy. I put it on the map. Stevie did some stuff after me but, let’s be honest, I’m the one everybody remembers. I’m the legend.

Kaepernick came into my position, no less, and basically erased all the proud traditions I have built. He obliterated them.

Now, when people think of my beloved San Francisco 49ers, they think of him and his bullshit, not me and my phenomenal greatness, my rocket arm, my pinpoint precision passes. From now on they are going to associate me with that traitor.”

Unfortunately, Joe is not wrong. Kaepernick really is the first person that comes to mind when one thinks of the San Francisco team these days. With any luck, Frisco management will do the right thing and take steps to erase this ugly part of their history

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