Joe Biden’s Campaign Only Raised $383,000 To Trump’s $900 Million

The truth is right there in front of you

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has been running like a well-oiled machine. To say it’s been incredible is an understatement. 

Biden’s? Not so much.

Trump raised so much money it should be embarrassing. But it’s not because Trump is making America great again and Biden wants to stop that.

At the last tally, Donald Trump raised over $900 million dollars, just in the last three months. That’s a staggering, almost unreal amount of money!

Biden, however, did not even come close to that. Joe Biden’s campaign made a mere $383,000 in the last three months, most of that money is gone already.

The Biden camp is worried that they might not make it to the election. They are simply running out of money.

The campaigns have been hard on the trail, with the Trump Train just at full steam ahead. The rallies are amazing.

They’re totally like Pro-Covid conventions. 

Thousands of brain-damaged Trump supporters all packed in like sardines breathing on each other and screaming. It’s just so awesome.

Trump has failed so bad and these people just love it. And him! It’s a cult, and they love it that way.

Sandy Batt and Joe Barron, two of the Trump faithful, have given every last penny they had to the Trump campaign, knowing that only Trump can help lift them out of the abject poverty he helped them get into.

“I knowed he is doin’ his gullderned best!” said Barron, who with his partner Sandy, were living off the small unemployment they were getting since Trump didn’t want to extend the $600 payments.

They’d lost their jobs at the local casino at the height of the pandemic.

Actually, Biden raised $383 million dollars. Trump hasn’t come close to that.

All the boat parades and the lifted pick up trucks with trump flags and your goofy hats can’t change the inevitable. Trump going down in flames.

But I mean when you screw up this badly, it’s no surprise that people can’t wait to get rid of him. But you keep that hope alive and wear that MAGA hat proudly.  It’s all you have.

God bless America, and God bless Donald Trump!

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