Joe Arpaio Nominated for Supreme Court at 90


The greatest sheriff of all time, Joe Arpaio was nominated for Supreme Court duty as a life long appointee, at ninety years old. The controversial sheriff, whom the liberals hate and trump fans love, has been given a heads up by The President himself, whom pardoned Joe for misdemeanours in a court room. The law giver made no bones about locking up anyone who came under his jurisdiction and rightfully so. He was MAGA before the term was coined, but still holds his staunch religious beliefs as the word from god. God made him do it , so its fine if you’re religious!

Joe just turned ninety and he was given a big gold lock and key by his friend, who he likes having around to fetch mint juleps and his latest magazines like Breitbart and The daily Caller. All of which he’s been featured in, spreading his own type of religious evangelism.

Joe is also a good person and always promotes the right people and always credits them, for their bootlicking as we all should be, down on the ground for Trump at this time. Joe is no exception and would bootlick Trump in a second. This time he’s got a lot of bootlicking to catch up on as now he has the calling form trump. We caught him licking some boots when we interviewed him,

“Hi there ya’ll, I’m Joe Arpaio, I’m just doing a tad of bootlicking. So you’ve come to talk about the Supreme Court  appointment? Well shit, that was a surprise to me too, I got a call from a staffer and was told to listen very carefully as they would only say this only once. I’m old, I said and asked, can you speak up as I’m losing my hearing. They said it a few times but I thought I was due in court over a few parking fines and DUI’s but, I got the gyst of the convo’ and I nearly fell off my bootlicking stooll. My friend had to call my physician, as I was partly in shock and needed a shot of adrenalin. I was thinking of how many court bills I could stop and how many dreamers I could put in jail. I was really over the moon, I could have licked my boots after I did my farming!”

Sheriff Arpaio didn’t need any prompting by the lowlife staffer, he got up and went straight to DC on Capital Hill, to bootlick Trump for the nomination and for remembering him when the liberals closed in on him to lock him up. We were told there were sounds coming from the oval office which sounded liked slurps and licking but, we couldn’t tell for sure on account of the doors being closed. 



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