Jimmy Carter’s Charity ‘Habitat for Humanity’ Builds Pelosi’s New Summer Home

The truth is right in front of you

Jimmy Carter was a failure as a President, and now his home-building charity, Habitat for Humanity, is furthering that legacy of failure. What was supposed to be a charity that built new homes for the poor and suffering across not just the United States, but the entire world, has turned into a private contractor for the Democratic elite and the rest of the cabal.

They have been building extravagant mansions for these people using charitable donations for over three decades.

Carter’s latest abomination against humanity comes in the form of Nancy Pelosi’s new summer home nestled on the very affluent north shore of Lake Tahoe. The 12,000 square foot estate sits on 20 acres of land.

It features 15 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a 1500 square foot infinity pool, and an in-house substance abuse rehab facility designed by the legendary addict and former Pelosi Xanax dealer Charlie Sheen.

Other amenities include a 5-acre rare game reserve and a 4-acre field meant for farming. The game reserve serves as entertainment for foreign interests, specifically the Saudi Royal Family, who enjoy remotely hunting cloned black rhinos as they sip on White Claws from Pelosi’s balcony.

The field yields no crops, but Pelosi is said to enjoy watching migrant farmworkers till the barren soil. She feels it gives her a sense of purpose and reassurance.

The property has no address or road access. It is only accessible via a direct helicopter flight from her own taxpayer-funded terminal at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), a short 1-hour flight away.

The decadence unabashedly displayed by the Democrat Party has never been more apparent. Biden’s election only emboldens them. They will undoubtedly undo four years of progress and unity in one fell swoop.

That being said, Trump was able to undo eight years of damage orchestrated by Obama. We will no doubt only have to suffer four years of Biden’s treachery.

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