Jill Biden’s Doctorate Degree Phony, Says College Dean


There has been much said about the doctorate degree of Joe Biden’s wife, Jill. Most people think that she should not insist on being called a doctor when she has nothing to do with the medical field. It’s fake and potentially dangerous as one may assume she has medical knowledge should an emergency come up. Someone could die!

Now, an additional controversy over her title has sprung up. It seems that she may not have even earned this degree in her field of educational study. At least, that’s what the dean of her former college is saying to anybody who will listen.

Dean Barron of New York Eastern Training, a charter school of the Dunning-Kruger Institute, is going on the record by saying that Jill Biden‘s degree is a fraud. He claims that he was the head of the college at the time of Biden’s supposed education and that she did not actually earn the honor that she is claiming.

He first brought this information to light in an interview with the alumni magazine, ‘NYET Bets’:

“I remember Jill quite well. She was an average student at best. She tried hard, but she didn’t really have what it takes to go far. There is no way, with her limited intellect, that she could have obtained a doctorate degree in anything, much less the field of education.

Since she has begun the run to the White House with her husband, we have heard about her doctorate quite often. Nobody at the college has been willing to point out the falsehood, because having her name attached to our institution is good for the school. It’s all about publicity.

But what do I care? I’m retired. Whether this helps the school or not is no longer a concern of mine. I can tell the truth and that is what I’m doing here today.

Jill Biden is not a doctor of anything. She’s lying to the public and America should know.”

There it is. It was bad enough that she was claiming to be a doctor when she had no knowledge of medicine, but now we have found that nothing about what she claims is real at all. She’s completely fake, just like her husband and this article.

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