Jill Biden Caught on Hot Mic: ‘I Don’t Give a F*** About Christmas’

First she has declared that all Americans will be forced to learn Spanish and now this.

Our Dear President Donald Trump has taken the fictional “War on Christmas” head on.

To no one’s surprise, he won and has around made it legal and encouraged to go around saying ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of ‘Happy Holidays’ because everyone knows that this is a Christian country and not some Democrat utopia where people of all races and religions peacefully coexist, worshiping as they choose to whoever or whatever they choose.

Can anyone look at pictures of our Dear Leader and the Beautiful First Lady standing hand in hand in front of a Christmas tree and not have a tear in their eye?

A tear of joy because they finally have recognized the only religion that matters, the only true religion that has ever existed.

Well, it turns out Jill Biden can.

She was caught on a hot mic saying “I don’t give a f*** about Christmas” as part of a larger conversation :

“I can’t believe what is going on now. We have a so-called President who claims to have made it ok to say Merry Christmas? President Obama literally said it every year. The Trump sycophants just eat it up too. Then we have the First Lady Melania Trump saying ‘I don’t give a f*** about Christmas decorations’ and these same people call it fake news.

You know what they’ll do next? They’ll put up some article on one of those actual fake news misleading right wing sites that these people believe that will have some stupid headline like ‘Jill Biden caught on hot mic saying I don’t give a f*** about Christmas’ or something like that.

That’s what these people do because they know that there are millions of people who will simply not do the research to learn how much that they believe is not true.”

First, she has declared that all Americans will be forced to learn Spanish and now this.

The Bidens are unfit to occupy the White House.  Keep America Great Again.  Keep our Great President Trump!

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