Jeb Bush Joins Democratic Party


Speaking of "Left Behind", Jeb Bush has been accidentally raptured to Benny Hill's head-patting afterlife. Cue the saxophones.

The Bush family has a long and storied history with the Republican party, as far back as Prescott, and a dynasty in the modern-day, with the late President George H.W. and his son George Bush.

Now it looks like 2020 is the year that brings that all to a jiant stop with a capital “J” : A capital J for Jeb.

The J used to be for Jim Jordan and then the nickname “Dickface” really just kinda stuck.

It turns out, little brother Bush has decided to hop away down a rabbit hole chasing the dark and curly hare of socialism.  Jeb revealed to his close family just last week that he had ended his membership in the Republican party and registered himself in the state of Texas as a Democrat.

Close friend of the family Sandy Batt spoke to us on condition of anonymity.

“Well, Jeb never did fit in, for one thing.  He has smart person glasses.  He’s always been the nerd of the family.  The guy has a Facebook fanpage for Battlestar Galactica.

The newer one, at least.  But anyway, it’s kind of like if the Bush family was that 80s band Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Jeb would be the guy with the gaystache just dancing around.  Like, he’s there, you see him, but what’s he there for, really? And then you think about it and you don’t want to know.”

Other confidants agree that Jeb, along with the rest of the Bush clan are upset at the severe low point the GOP has fallen to, with the infusion of know-nothing irrational morons like the Tea Party, and their King Chimp, President Trump.

One too many appearances by the morbidly obese impeachee may have pushed the young Bush to his limit.  Vagina.

“Hey Beavis – I bet he’s the only young Bush that Trump hasn’t grabbed. Uh huh. Huh huh.”

What will this switcheroo mean for either party?  Surely the Republicans have already written off the diminutive dumbledork.

But he could be a very interesting addition to the Biden camp in the coming year.