Inquiry Of Biden Finances Leads To Central Ukraine Bank Seizure

The truth is right there in front of you.

The justice department was doing a routine check of every political campaign’s financial records as they do every political season. It’s to make sure every campaign is on the up and up.

As usual, Republican campaigns were on the straight and narrow. But the same can almost never be said for the democrats, and especially the Biden campaign. The Biden campaign has a staggering amount of money. Or, perhaps we should say, they did.

Political Campaign Investigation Unit head officer Joseph Barron couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Millions of Ukrainian dollars in the Biden campaign coffers.

Where did it all come from? Well, Ukraine, obviously. But why?

Did Hunter Biden threaten the Ukrainians with sanctions if they didn’t get what they wanted? Wasn’t the $50 million Hunter Biden stole from Ukraine enough? Investigator Barron needed answers, and he needed them now.

Barron put on some Iron Maiden. He needed to be in the zone to catch these people. Some of them can be Killers. The amount of money flowing into Biden’s coffers was akin to The Number Of The Beast.

He’d love to give them a Piece of Mind, but knew he had to stay professional. The Ukraine bank was like a Powerslave to Biden. He knew, Somewhere In Time, he would catch them. Hunter Biden was certainly acting like a Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

It disturbed Barron.

Why Biden would have this money is no surprise. Biden has very little morals, he won’t even offer a Prayer For The Dying. But he does have a Fear Of The Dark.

This is the X Factor, Barron thought. This game that the Bidens were playing of Virtual XI would have to come to a stop to save America. It’s a Brave New World Barron was stepping in, and he knew it.

If caught, Barron would know he would be doing a Dance Of Death, but this was truly a Matter Of Life and Death for America. 

Nearing the end, Barron came on to the Final Frontier of the investigation.  It was time to close this Book Of Souls, realizing he had found nothing and was sent on yet another wild goose chase by the Trump administration.

Up the irons, he was. God bless America.

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