Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Send Coded Anti-Trump Message Using Arabic Numerals

What does 864511032020 mean???

Anti-American Congressmembers Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of somewhere foreign were caught today sending a horrible anti-Trump message to their constituents.

This wasn’t your usual, run-of-the-mill “don’t vote for Trump” message — which would be bad enough, even in the midst of an election that will either save or be the end of our democracy.

No, the message was very serious and extremely scary. It was incredibly terrifying — it was even written in Arabic numerals!

A copy of the clandestine campaign message was forwarded to a reporter at OAN, who blasted it out on Twitter, where he begged for help in cracking the code.

“These scary brown women are evil and socialist and Muslim and they’re blatantly sending coded messages about the President. Help me crack this code and defend our dear leader! The code is: 864511032020. What on earth could this mean?”

The clueless reporter said he tried multiple times to figure out what the numbers mean. He added them all up and came up with 32, which everyone knows is Trump’s IQ.

No crazy plot there.

He took out the zeroes and gave them to Eric Trump to give him some like-minded company. On the advice of some Qanon whackjobs, he read the number backward while standing on his head with his left testicle wedged in a vise and ended up with nothing more than a bad headache and a sore ballsack.

And then along came Sandy Batt, a world-famous code-cracker and beloved connoisseur of the nation’s cheapest beer. She didn’t even need to finish her first can of Miller Lite to figure out the code that had flummoxed the OAN reporter and the entire universe of right-wing Twitter morons.

“Haven’t any of you idiots ever worked a restaurant job and heard the chef 86 an item from the menu when they run out? 45 = President Dumb F*ck. 11032020 = November 3, 2020. For the knuckle-draggers in the back: that’s Election Day. DUH. Good grief, you people are stupid.”

Nothing nefarious here at all, patriots. And please, 864511032020.

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