House Democrats Add Yet Another $80,000 Pay Raise Into Stimulus Bill

The truth is right in front of you

Negotiations are taking place in Congress for another Covid Stimulus bill to reach the people, and, once again, it is being held up because of ridiculous and unnecessary Democrat demands.

It seems they did not feel the last bill held enough pork and are determined to get more.

We all remember the completely unnecessary additions to the first stimulus bill. Democrats forcing everything from Kennedy Center funding to a nice raise for themselves in the House.

Well, history is now repeating itself.

The Dems new list of demands is quite similar to the previous, but one, in particular, stands out.

Once again, House Democrats are taking advantage of the suffering of the American people by extorting significant pay increases for themselves.

Last time, they managed to gain a $75,000 increase or something for themselves, and now they are setting their sights a little bit higher.

It has been reported that one sticking point for the bill is a stipulation that House Democrats receive another $80,000 increase in pay.

That would bring the total to $155,000 this year, making their paychecks larger than that of the President.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended this decision and laid out her rationale for why they deserve such immense increase:

“We, the Democrats in the House of Representatives, are the glue in this government right now. We are the only ones holding it all together and keeping the evil right from running away with everything this country holds dear.

Without us, the constitution would already be dead, we would have martial law across the country, there would never be an election ever again, and trump would be the first American dictator. We are the ones preventing all of that, and for this we should be getting a great deal of thanks. Since we are not getting enough of that verbally, we will settle for a huge amount of cash.”

There’s no opportunity the Democrats cannot use to line their own pockets.

This is the only reason that they go into public service. They have no desire to serve the people. They only serve themselves.

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