AOC: ‘Homosexuality Saves Lives’

Blessed Be The Fruit

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the ridiculously dumb Democrat from New York, just keeps coming up with more quotable stupidity. We have heard it all from her. Her stupid ideas for the green new deal, her ideas on religion, and her thoughts on economics.

Well, now she is at it again. This time, AOC is sharing her thoughts in the field of morality and religion.

That’s a laugh. Cortez speaking on morality? She has none. And she proved that again with these comments.

Speaking to a group of LGBTQ youth at her alma mater of Trump University, Cortez shared with them her thoughts on why the gay lifestyle is, as she put it, “a blessing for America.”

“What is the big hot topic in the USA right now? Not so much for the good guys on the left, but for those ridiculous right-wingers?

Correct. It’s abortion. It’s all they talk about. Personally, I think abortions are awesome. They’re interesting and fun and a great way to spend a Saturday night. But they think the procedure is pure evil.

No, I don’t understand it any more than you do. Republicans are a strange people. They look like us and but they sure don’t act like us. It must be the lack of education. And the inbreeding. That doesn’t help.

Anyway, it seems logical that they should love you. Homosexuality is the answer to their prayers because a male couple or female couple will never be making the stroll to planned parenthood for an abortion. When you get right down to it, homosexuality prevents abortion.

Homosexuality saves lives.”

Yes, she was serious. This woman’s idea of common sense is the most uncommon thing most people I’ve ever heard. She belongs in an asylum, not in Congress.

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