Spectre CEO Ernst Blofeld Donates $2 Billion to Trump 2024 Super PAC

Trump Train 2024 is already steaming its coal-powered engine down the tracks. Money is flying in from patriot organizations from all across America. While it is against the law for any candidate to receive campaign contributions from a foreign entity as Biden did with China, it is not illegal for foreign businesses to donate to political action committees.

Trump’s biggest supporting super PAC just received a huge boon from a foreign business ally.

Ernst Blofeld is currently the third richest man in the world, with his estimated wealth at $146 billion. His company, Spectre, has been responsible for innovations in various fields that have benefitted humanity worldwide.

They have funded research into some of the slowest moving and ineffective death traps and devices man has ever seen. They have also been on the cutting edge of overly complex biological weapons and unsuccessful space flight.

Now, Blofeld is donating $2 billion to the Trump 2024 Super PAC.

And what a better foreign ally to have. If anything, Blofeld, like Trump, is a survivalist. He has survived serval attempted takedown from socialist governments and constitutional monarchies since 1961.  Trump and Blofeld are kindred spirits fighting against an ever-growing one-world government.

Blofeld and Trump also share a love for cats.  Blofeld’s pussy preference is white and long-haired. He likes his pussy to sit calmly in his lap as he plans world domination and makes outrageous demands.

This is in stark contrast to Trump’s hankering towards bald and grabbable.  But you know what they say. Pussy is pussy.

“You had me at ‘hello.’”

More than anyone, Trump understands the importance of international private business dealings. After all, that’s how he got all his wives.

When he does become president again in 2024, it is business relationships like Trump’s and Blofeld’s that will once again spark the world economy.

It will strike us like a thunderball of prosperity and will prove to all who said Trump will never be president, to never say never again.

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