Harry and Megan Sell Monarchy’s Jewels to Fund BLM


In a press conference today, to the associated press and the lame-stream media. Harry and Mega the disgraced royals, whom have been running form the British monarchy for some months now have admitted to a grand theft, it was revealed. The British Monarchies’ Crown Jewels were pilfered by the two con artist and both Harry and Megan gave the proceeds, when they fenced the jewels, to the BLM marxists. Who have are country under siege, it was revealed.

Megan was unrepentant and said, “All we are doing is giving the wealth back to the people who the Queen had stole from. “Harry, the other accessory to the crime, wanted to speak too and told the press that, “if it wasn’t for the jewels being liberated and melted down and sold, the BLM wouldn’t have stood a chance.” To over throw the US Republican administration of our leader’s, Donald J. Trump. 

A spokes person of the lesbian wing of the BLM told the press,

“We are so proud of Harry and Megan for sacrificing their wealth to us and we are so welcome of their influence in the group. Megan is a sister and we can’t allow Donald trump to carry on like this. I am a lesbian activist and I would certainly be proud, to accept the two hundred million the jewels got sold for. Hey look, I’m wearing one now! It’s the blue sapphire of India ! So cool !”

The two ex monarchs are now on the run for grand theft of some of the worlds rarest jewels. Some worn by King Henry the eighth and Queen Victoria the first, to name but a few. They are now being worn by a Marxist BLM Lesbian who has accepted the large amount of money, made from the haul. The jewels themselves are near over four hundred million dollars but, they sold them at a knock off price to a Chinese diamond jeweller it was revealed. The rest were melted down for quick cash purposes, to fund their court cases against the Queen of Britain and the British press. President Trump remarked about the issues surrounding Megan and Harry’s ‘Bonny and Clyde’s’ lifestyle,

“Im sure Harry has heard this before and I can say this as I’m the President of the United States. Harry better watch out and keep his nose clean. Because nobody does theft like I can do theft. Just watch out for Megan, she’s not an Ivanka or a Melania. So, she’s like, really unpredictable without Daddy being there anymore. ‘Very sad really. Hes got his work cut out for him with Megan, believe me.”

The two want to spend their time in LA helping the so called Marxist BLM until they are accepted as full members and Mega has already had one affair with a lesbian marxist, alledgedly .An initiation ceremony maybe? I will leave that there for you to ponder over those factual remarks.

We tried to talk to the Queen of England but, she was getting a hair set on one of her beloved corgis named Nigel, that evening and asked us to call again, or pop over for a further chat about the theft. 

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