Hannity Compares Trump to Churchill and FDR

Hannity Knows A Hero When He Sees One!

Sean Hannity watched our President, Donald J Trump exit Air Force 2 and walk the steps of the White House, look out at the cameras and realized that He is more than just the greatest president that we have ever had.

Donald Trump is like Superman. A god amongst men. Donald Trump stared down the pandemic and destroyed it.

Trump didn’t have the coronavirus. The coronavirus had Trump. Sean Hannity knew it.

It is believed that Jesus Christ himself took the hand of Donald Trump and led him through this latest battle. It is yet again more proof that Donald J Trump is no mere mortal man.

Not one bit.

Nobody could have done what he did. This man, no, this superhero, this supreme being is tougher than nails and proved it yet once again. Donald Trump truly is the greatest being of all time.

Sean Hannity said that Trump reminded him of FDR and Churchill, projecting strength and confidence. Just looking at him, this journalist agrees.

FDR and Churchill are long dead, and Donald Trump is on his way by not wearing a mask even after he caught the disease. Hannity believes that Trump is the picture of health and strength, even though Trump can’t manage to drink a bottle of water using one hand and is morbidly obese.

Obviously, Hannity is insane.

Fox News director of nighttime programming Joseph Barron just rolls his eyes at Hannity. He’s seen what you haven’t.

Hannity at his desk, no pants on, excited at the thought of Donald Trump calling in.  He loves that man.

More than his wife, who left him after she caught him with pictures of the president at his bedside, looking lovingly at them, more so than he ever looked at her. She knew she couldn’t compete with a 300-pound orange man.

The worship is real. Hannity would give his life for one night with Donald. Sean is worried that the love is unrequited though. He worries that Trump is simply using him for a place to spew his bullshit.

But Sean is undeterred.

He will love that man forever and ever, and dream of the day he and Donald can be one. God Bless America, God Bless Donald Trump, and someone get Hannity a psychologist.

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