Biden to Declare 22 States ‘Gun-Free Zones’


There has been quite a lot of talk recently about possible Democratic efforts to effect gun control legislation, spurred by the reemergence of tragic and terrible incidents of mass-shooting violence.

The majority of Americans favor common-sense firearm laws and have for decades, while some on the right view any such lifesaving preventive measures as a constitutional crisis, egged on by the NRA and maniacal talking heads in conservative media who are sponsored by gun manufacturers.

“Next up on Fox – are vagina holsters for you? After these words from Smith and Wesson.”

President Joe Biden is determined to preserve American lives, however, and will begin by officially declaring 22 entire States as “gun-free zones” this week, the start of a program designed to finally do something about basically safeguarding our freedom to live safely and securely.

The effort targets the states most vulnerable to gun violence as declared by mental health testing, education levels, and degrees of Republican control.  They include nearly all the southern states as well as most of the Bible belt.

Biden’s Gun Control Czar Joeseph Barron, says it’s time to finally ignore the yammering of the “death advocates” who appear during every Democratic Presidency.

“This happened with Carter and Clinton and Obama.  Psychos who are just itching to shoot someone start crying about their ‘freedoms being taken away!’ blubbering that the government is coming for their guns.  Meanwhile not a single one has ever been taken away and people die.  Children, mothers, fathers.  This declaration is just the start of America saying ‘this ends now.’  It’s time to see responsible gun owners be responsible.”


The presidential declaration will abolish open-carry legislation in the affected states, mostly in their major cities and metropolitan areas, and will limit sales of both firearms and ammunition.

It’s time to remember that this is the modern age, and yes, you have the freedom to protect yourself in the constitution.  But protection from those who think they’re junior Rambo police wannabes are why our founding fathers wanted it to be : “well regulated.”

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