Giuliani Turns State’s Evidence, Hands Over Trump Tax Documents

Late Monday evening, former New York City mayor and President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani entered the office of the New York District Attorney accompanied by his own attorney Benza Cox-Lance, Esq.

The purpose of this visit is reported to be to turn state’s evidence and produce several documents relating to Trump’s tax returns from 2015-2019. In what is clearly a cowardly move on the part of Giuliani, many questions come into play.

Is Giuliani’s decision based on self-preservation, a simple attempt to avoid prosecution himself? The answer is clear. President Trump has been ardent in defense of his tax returns, consistently referring to the Democratic witch-hunt that has been taking place prior to his election in 2016. While Giuliani has been a staunch supporter of Trump since his election, the former NYC mayor definitely has a dark liberal past. This should be considered when examining his intentions to turn state’s evidence.

When questioned by reporters regarding the content of the documents turned over by Giuliani, Cox-Lance said, “Unfortunately, many of the documents were recorded via Etch A Sketch, and were erased during their transport from Giuliani’s office to the DA.” Was this truly unfortunate, or did all the documents redeeming our President mysteriously disappear? The answer is clear: Giuliani has turned coat, and his only agenda is self-preservation under a possibly democratic controlled government.

Could Giuliani’s decision to turn state’s evidence adversely affect the election? The answer is simply this: No. The vast majority of American voters realize that Giuliani once again has chosen to represent the minority instead of the majority. While appearing to be Trump’s ally since the election, he has secretly been working to further the agendas of Nancy Pelosi, as well as many other false conservatives.

The White House was quick to respond to Giuliani’s transgressions with press secretary Kayleigh McEnany calling the decision by Giuliani nothing short of treason and at one point referring to him as “Benedict Giuliani”.

Furthermore, longtime Trump supporter and companion Roger Stone was spotted outside the DA’s office wearing a wife beater with the phrase, “Epstein didn’t kill himself” printed on it. He simply glared at Giuliani as he walked up the steps into the building.

In a statement released by Cox-Lance, he stated that “He (Giuliani) had to make a decision between standing by a longtime friend and associate, or doing what was best for the American people.” He also added, “It was a choice of conscience over camaraderie, one of the toughest things Rudy has ever done in his life.” We all know where Giuliani truly stands, and it is no longer in line with our president.

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