Democrat Bill Will Ban Public Sale of Ammunition


After more recent tragic episodes of gun-related violence have shocked the nation, it’s no surprise that Democrats in the house are stepping up to take action against out of control gun culture in the United States. The majority of the population has approved of common-sense firearm control legislation for decades.

The War on Our Second Amendment seems to be beginning now, as Congress receives house bill THX1138, which would effectively end the private and public sale of bullets and ammunition across the country.  Proposed by senator Joe Barron of California and supported by the President, Vice President, and hundreds of left-wing interest groups, many believe it will pass easily next month.

Republican Senator Marjorie Taylor Greene is hoping her basketball-sized kidney stone will also pass by next month.

National Rifle Association spokesman Luke Atmytits acknowledged that perhaps the time has come to restrict ammo sales in order to save lives.

“Even at the NRA, we’ve become tired of justifying mass shootings with flowery and masturbatory language about the second amendment. It wasn’t meant to allow everyday citizens to have the opportunity to wholesale murder.  Working around it to go after the bullets instead of the guns is a smart solution.”

Atmytits pointed out the number of incidents where a “good guy with a gun” prevented a mass-slaughter.

“That would be zero times.  Zero.  Untrained everyday Joes can’t run around pretending to be army men or tv cops.  Have as many guns as you want. Within a few months, you’ll be using them as paperweights and dildos.  The time for reason and clear-headed thinking is now, finally, after four embarrassing years of Trump era retardery.”

Just thank God he took care of the scourge of some flavors of vapes! Trump 2014!

If and when the bill passes, it will immediately go into effect nationwide, with all firearm retailers forced to liquidate or turn over their inventories to local police representitives.  Many have already begun converting their businesses into flower shops and comic book stores.

Will this bill usher the Biden Era into a new bastion of peace for our country?  Or are we again playing up to the paranoid meth fantasies of radical right boomers waiting for their guns to be grabbed?  Hint : It’s the second one.

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