George Soros: ‘I Don’t Have Much Time’

The truth is right in front of you

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has been painted as a bogeyman by the Republican Party and conservatives because of his forward-thinking and support of liberal causes. Recently, he declared that he doesn’t “have much time.”

“Christian” Conservatives who simply read the headline and not the article have rejoiced in the comments about the apparent demise of a fellow human being.

Seriously, click on their social media profiles and check out how much they want to show the world that they’re good Christians.

We know better.

Soros just meant that the elections are coming up soon and that he doesn’t have much time to help them to get rid of the worst President that we’ve ever had.

Soros has been accused of everything from being a Nazi leader at age 14, owning a lab that created COVID-19, and stealing candy from young children, to funding liberal trolls who write satire to expose the confirmation bias of gullible conservatives.

Soros spokesperson Sandy Batt released a statement.

“Mr. Soros is concerned about what four more years of Donald Trump would look like, as anyone who loves America is.  This is why he is pouring so much money into the election.  He enjoys pulling up conservative websites to see what kind of things they think he’s doing today.

The bottom line is that George Soros loves America and wants for her to return to being the ethical and moral leader of the free world instead of a cesspool created to make Donald Trump and his enablers more money.

Those who attack George Soros and the actual causes that he champions are unworthy of his time or attention.  He is hoping that he will be able to help send all of the terrible people who have been exposed because of Trump back to the dark recesses of society.”

Will George Soros see his desired result when his time is up?  For those who truly believe in the promise of America, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

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