Texas School Replaces Critical Race Theory With ‘LGBTQ Oppression’ Class


The United States of America might be the greatest country in the world – but you wouldn’t know it if you attended Joe Barron Junior High school in Queef Landing, Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott, grandson of the straight-man comedian Bud, took aim at some attitude last week, by forbidding the teaching of so-called “critical race theory” in the classrooms of all public schools within the Republic, a move that some have compared to the actions of the priests of the Temples of Syrinx from Rush’s classic “2112” album.

Conservative pundits have already blamed the Jan 6th terrorist attack on “cosplayers” acting out the plot from Queensryche’s “Operation Mindcrime” release.

Abbot and his supporters believe that the curriculum of the elective class is harmful to younger students and their views of our country after Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News networks all made it the Concern of the Week after the Biden administration successfully addressed immigration, gas prices, and the middle east, leaving them nothing important to cover.  Except a few mass shootings.  And the ramping up of Donald Trump’s legal issues.  And the Coronovirus.  And a few dozen other things that actually matter.

Critical race theory, despite the Trumptard hysteria labelling it as a precursor to Helter Skelter, opens discussions of realism, addressing why minorities have consistently been treated worse overall in our systems of justice, business, and opportunity.  Many Texans and other deeply butthurt backwards-ass old baggers believe racism in America never happened and isn’t happening now.

The Junior High released a statement regarding it’s replacement of the class with one instead discussing the historic bigotry against members of the LGBTQ community over hundreds of years.

“It’s nice to wave the flag and pretend America is awesome and nobody’s racist because there’s more than one black Avenger.  You can’t just hide history.  We’ll just switch gears and teach kids about how badly your types treat gay people because you’re scared of them too.  Good luck, governor Tinydick.”

Nice job taking away the class little Percy Klompstein ate his lunch in to get just a little unbullied fucking peace in his day.

The class is set to begin this coming fall, and has already filled up pre-registration slots for the first 2 semesters.  That should prompt Fox News and friends to pivot to next week’s big crisis : “Is Kamala Harris a North Korean robot???”  Don’t put it past them.

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