China Will Agree To Gas Deal If Hunter Biden is Turned Over


It was President Donald Trump who came up with the nickname “China Joe” to label his rival Joe Biden as a capitulator to the far-eastern nation, and for his millions of supporters, it stuck.  Even though it’s Trump himself who owes millions, and possibly billions to the Communist juggernaut’s oligarchs because his history as a legally-convicted fraudulent businessman prevents anyone in his own country to lend him money.

Also suspect is current First Son Hunter Biden, a former oil industry insider who once suffered from a drug addiction.  Nevermind that it’s been the oil and gas businesses who’ve bankrolled Republicans for decades, and Trump cymbal-clapping monkey Mike Lindell started his career face-down in crack.

Many are currently suing the pillowmaker for crack-designed defects.

The fictional reality is that China is now offering the stuttering leader a devil’s bargain, with Chinese President Beefahn Broccorri proposing a deal that would lower American gas prices again, in exchange for custody of the beleaguered Biden junior.

What exactly does China want with Hunter Biden?  Joe Barron of the commie-monitoring publication The Panda Express opined an answer in an article published earlier this week.

“China wants nothing to do with Hunter.  I don’t even think anyone knows him there.  Trump’s cult of dipshittery doesn’t know that, though.  They couldn’t find China on a map if it was surrounded by arrows and had Waldo drawn in the middle.”

“In truth, many American companies do business with China.  Being communist doesn’t preclude them from finance or being a gigantic market.  The commonly trumptarded belief that they own all our debt is incorrect as well.  Our largest foreign investor is Japan.  It’s all the same to Trump and his little army of pork bellied goobers, though.”

“Which are the ones that rub our backs with their feet?”

There’s also the fact that we have more petroleum to deal with than China does, but, you know, gullible deplorables, mad about everything.

Will Biden take the deal and turn his son over?  Will the Trump pretend-patriots encourage shaking hands with the “commies” they so dread?  Have D.C.’s superhero shows become so hideously stupid in the current season that it’s time for them to go?  We can only think and pray.

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