Taylor Swift to Cover ‘F*ck Tha Police’ At MTV Awards


Decades ago, rap powerhouse group N.W.A. recorded the controversial single “Fuck Tha Police”, resulting in a conflict with the Los Angeles police department as well as many concerned parents.  The lyrics, which range from black youths exclaiming their weariness with : “the muthafukkin jack” to  being mistreated by authorities when, as they threateningly claim : “an (African American) on the street is a majority.”  Now, apparently eager to draw attention to current police clashes with black Americans, Taylor Swift will take the stage for the opening number of the MTV Music Awards next month, and will perform the number, uncensored, and in it’s entirety.

Swift has been a harsh critic of the police as of late, and her young liberal base is eating it up.  How a Taylor Swift cover of an NWA classic will sound is anyone’s guess, and it probably wouldn’t be that good.  But then again, Black Wolf does an amazing version of the Cranberries’ “Zombie”, so who knows?  But then again, again, there’s always “Dancing in the Streets” by Bowie and Jagger and that was like listening to someone use two gay cats as lassos.

In the 80’s, this was the exact moment when scores of teenagers decided firmly against going through puberty.

MTV’s Head of Cancelling Shit Like My Super Sweet Sixteen Joe Barron thinks the crowd will be delighted with the song and it’s message, and has hinted that the performance may be followed by a duet featuring the country-pop songstress and actor/rapper Ice-T on the latter’s blockbuster hit : “Cop Killer.”

This year’s award show will differ slightly, as the pandemic dictates an atmosphere of social distancing and mask-covered faces.  The network has replaced local police with private security forces for the event as well.  It’s certain to be a show straight outta’ trumptards.

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