‘Fox & Friends’ Hires Dr. Stella Emmanuel As Exclusive Medical Host

The truth is right in front of you

The new President’s flavor of the month, Dr. Stella Immanuel just landed a TV job that even our most devout pastors would envy, to host her own self-style religious faith healing talk show called, “The way.”

The show is the brainchild of PragerU and The Sinclair TV syndicate that will be producing this extravaganza with evangelical support. The President has already retweeted some of her thoughts a few days ago and tweeted.

“The Doctor was said to have been offered a three million retainer. She’s got it, she gets it, she’s got the show!’ More ratings for ‘the way,’ not so many for, ‘the view’ – sad! M.A.G.A!”

Dr. Immanuel, rose to fame when Trump picked her for the new COVID doctor, to replace the liberally minded Dr. Fauci.

Fox and Friends got there first with the story today, while they were talking about the mainstream media being biased towards President Trump. Brian Kilmeade was so over the moon with the news that he nearly fell off his seat with a tad of comedy that turned it into gold all on his own.

Dr. Immanuel will be hosting the show next month with special guests hinted as being, very important religious figures and also faith healers.

“The Way” will be filmed in the “Big Brother” format which has a deep meaning for Dr. Immanuel and the vision Trump and Dr. Immanuel have for the future of medicine.

Dr. Stella Immanuel has been the target of the far-left extremist democrats, who only want to demean her and to throw her unorthodox free-thinking beliefs under the short, “She’s coming from the wrong part of the galaxy when it comes to her professional prognoses and treatment of COVID19, which they often confused as, ‘fantastical.'”

What do they know!? She’s got her own TV show now, and that only happens in Trump’s America and not the democrat’s America. The show has been panned by MSNBC and Nickelodeon for being based on anecdotal evidence and not scientific fact.

Dr. Immanuel was hoping to sell her brand of medicine and her own cures and remedies for cancer and lupus on the show with, faith in healing being, the main sell-point of her show.

She has certainly gone from absolute nobody to an International notary and speaker for Donald Trump’s agenda. It’s no wonder, the mainstream media are being constantly racist against her.

They have found a scapegoat in Dr. Immanuel being an avid Qanon subscriber a Niburu truther and a regular holocaust denier, but she believes that Palestinians are the true devils this time and, that satanic sperm causes VD. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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  1. the other thing that satirists fail to get is metaphor.. when immanuel says demons caused covid, she is very close to the truth. even her name speak prophecy. big pharma faucci bill gates deep state globalist ccp china un who globalist banking industrial military complex are demonic plagues on this earth. WHO knew? covid is a bio-weapon to depopulate the earth and the above mentioned factions are disaster capitalists, if not straight out fascists.

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