FBI Investigation of BLM Leads Directly to Soros Funding

The truth is right in front of you

BLM is responsible for the chaos in rioting in cities across America. This massive organization seems to have sprung up overnight.

But how could such a large group form so quickly and have so many resources? Apparently, the FBI was interested in this very question

According to an FBI investigation that sought to discover the origins of the Antifa corporation, a long money trail was discovered.

They discovered BLM funding from shell companies, Mexico, offshore accounts, and even drug money involved with BLM, but the forensic accountants of the FBI followed that money trail — and it led directly to George Soros.

We asked senior FBI agent Sandy Batt for more details:

“Well it was quite clear that they were being funded by someone, so we had to find out. We suspected ill-gotten gains were involved. The conclusion was that George Soros is the puppeteer behind the movement.

His motive was to cause chaos in order to make the President look bad in order to hurt his re-election chances. It looks like many Democrat political figures were also involved. Charges are forthcoming in the matter.”

We don’t know if that was an actual FBI agent or not, but it confirmed our biases, so we believe it to be true.

ANTIFA Corporation and all of its affiliates need to be immediately disbanded and their assets seized and used to rebuild the entire cities they have destroyed.

These companies have lots of money and this will be more than enough to fix everything.

All involved in this terrorist activity need to be brought to justice immediately. This is a seditious activity, plain and simple. Soros and his minions are using these riots to throw the election against Trump, which is unacceptable.

And they had the balls to blame Trump for collusion with Russia!

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