Facebook BANS All Anti-Biden Groups

They're silencing the real patriots!

It’s common knowledge that Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire founder of Facebook, is a socialist-communist who hates capitalism and wealth and loves liberals. So it should be no surprise that Facebook has banned all anti-Joe Biden groups!

Patriots across our great country are outraged that groups with names like “Joe Biden IS NOT MY PRESIDENT,” “WE THE PEOPLE HATE BIDEN NEENER NEENER,” and “Constitunal Experts Against Biden” have all been removed from Facebook.

The sudden removal, late on a Friday night when everyone is sleeping off their New Year’s hangovers, will not go unnoticed.

Joe Barron, founder of a page called “Thomas Bagger’s Patriotic Anti-Biden Hangout,” was pretty angry when his page was removed.

“How dare Zuckerberg personally remove my page, which had over 22 followers? One of them was even that super hot chick with one eye who loved winking at me. She did that with her real eye, not the glass one. That would be weird.”

Cletus Johnson, Esq., a recent graduate of Trump Law School, has vowed to file a class action suit against Facebook to right the wrongs done to so many red-blooded real American patriots whose groups were removed suddenly and permanently.

“The damages are real,” Barrister Cletus said. “We will go straight to the Supreme Court, even though they’re all corrupt and socialist now, to demand that our groups get put back online. Who does Zuckerberg think he is? A guy who provides a free platform that people use to act like anti-American twats who want to shred the Constitution?”

Facebook spokeswoman Sandy Batt laughed so hard she spit out a mouthful of Miller Lite when told about the lawsuit from Cletus and his band of Constitutionally illiterate followers.

“Poor little snowflakes. They can go share fashion tips for the latest in tinfoil hats and American flag regalia on Parler.”

And there you have it. Facebook doesn’t need — or want — real faux right-wing patriots.

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