Pelosi Denies All ‘Maga March’ Permits


As the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi wields quite a bit of executive power.  She’s the third in line to the office of the Presidency, is the most public face of the opposition party, and virtually controls the purse strings of Congress to influence the very direction of the country’s legislative branch.

Photo of Bill Barr taken thirty seconds before Pelosi had him booted in the nuts by one of Hillary’s millions of hired goons.

Pelosi deserves a long-overdue shout-out for also providing those blessed with a more liberal leaning sense of humor ably using her as a combination John Boehner/Darth Vader figure for over four years in tales designed to explode the very heads and balls of the horrendously gullible Trump supporting masses.  Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Of course you know that the fictional Star Trek mirror-universe version of Pelosi offered to fund President Inflato’s wall in exchange for banning all firearms, which is legally, physically, and practically impossible.  But the Granny Goliath followed up by spending an unheard-of and likewise ridiculous 2.1 billion dollars of social security funding for the impeachment proceedings.

Now it would be rude to opine that believing continuing nonsense like the Speaker being drunk in Congress, at state funerals, and being booted from her own church makes the trumpers dumber than a bag of hammers marinated with Trump wine.  But on a daily basis, from her defunding everything from Barron’s birthday party to this current headline about a few hundred alpo-eaters rolling down the street for their own personal gas-blasting Jim Jones, they’re just not the brightest sequins on the outhouse door.

Seen here, a perfect example of the right’s amazing meme and commenting abilities. Very formidable.

So let’s all of us, whether you be a Sandy Batt playfully needling the knowledge-handicapped, or a Joe Barron, driving racists and nazis to the brink of suicide, or a Trish Blake, shaking her head while helping the physically infirm and pitying their mental counterparts, raise a toast to fictional Mrs. Pelosi.  A hero.  A villain.  A drunken far-left ice cream-eating hair-salon using grandmother of 12 Soros babies and most powerful woman in America. Now let’s march on her walled estate!

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