Constitutional Law Expert – ‘Trump Cannot Overturn an Election’


Outgoing former President Trump has used his legal team to attempt to keep in power for nearly a month after his unsuccessful finish in the 2020 election.  From a slew of over 50 baseless fraud lawsuits without even a shred of evidence, to hoping against hope that Texas and a few dozen senators along with it could turn their seditious anti-American fever dreams into reality, it’s very obviously a forgone conclusion that Joe Biden will take the reins on January 20th.

“When you say ‘take the reins’, does that mean I need a new saddle, or can I keep wearing Mr. Trump’s old one?”

Now America’s foremost and most well-respected expert in Constitutional law, a former professor and editor of the Harvard Law review has confirmed that no path remains for Trump to overturn an American election in his favor.  Not one that doesn’t result in his incarceration in a federal prison with a toll road through his poop chute, anyway.

ALLOD’S Joe Barron sat down with the expert scholor, former President Barack Obama, author of several books and reports on various subjects, including volumes of discussion regarding the most defining document of the United States.

“Yeah, uh, folks?  A uh, a President who lost an election – can’t just pretend there was a group of people ‘cheating’.  I mean, he’s welcome to try, but without any evidence beyond skanky YouTube nobodies going on and on about some ‘executive order’ that has nothing to do with tabulation during a smooth election, he’s got to man up and just get the hell out.  There’s not going to be a magic unicorn flying down with fraudulent ballots on its horn from a mountain in Georgia or something.  I just don’t know how to say it better.  Lost is lost, buttercup.  You know?  Folks, this guy needs a rubber room.”

“Abeet…dabeet…dabeet….da…bye asswipe!”

Obama’s expert testimony pulls a lot of weight in Washington circles and fosters the already overwhelming atmosphere of simply ignoring Trump’s maniacal outbursts and his cult following’s nutty theories as the garbage they are.  It’s time to retire after a teachable moment, Chimpy McOrange.

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