Epstein’s Accountant Reveals Soros and Clinton Foundation Ties

The late Jeffrey Epstein had ties with many criminals in the Democratic party. It seems we can add one to the list every day.  While most have evaded prosecution, the long sought after money trail has now been established by none other than Epstein’s own accountant,  Hyman Roth.

Roth had been Epstein’s personal accountant since 1981, when he was hired to do the books for Epstein’s own accounting firm. Known as one of the best “cookers” in the country, Roth fixed Epstein’s books for over 30 years.

Despite his underhanded dealings, Roth was a family man at heart.  He’s lived with his wife, Marcia, in Florida since the early ’70s.  They have no children of their own due to her barren womb but have fostered several African youths via Sally Struthers’s various humanitarian programs over the years.

Coming forward with the dirt on Epstein was a difficult decision for such a wholesome man to make. It wasn’t until he finally took a visit to the island himself that his conscience finally caught up with him.

He showed authorities the various ways in which Epstein funneled money through his various shell companies to hide where it actually came from.  Where it came from was no surprise. That vast majority of the money came from George Soros and the Clinton Foundation, lesser donations coming from Planned Parenthood and the My Pillow guy.

Soros and the Clinton’s not only paid for the island but also funded an air-conditioned tunnel to be constructed from Puerto Rico to the island. This allowed Democrats to fly to Puerto Rico under no suspicion. The tunnel allegedly had several stops along the way the featured casinos, beauty salons, and cockfighting arenas.

It is curious that Roth chose this particular time to come forward. The end of the Trump administration will surely result in no official charges being filed against him. But the damage has been done.

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