Elon Musk Restores Power to Millions of Texans After Biden Ignored Them

Energy and electric car guru Elon Musk recently escaped the communist safe haven of California to enjoy the freedom and liberty of Texas. This week, Musk’s new home state was devastated by horrendous winter storms that battered the state leaving millions without power.  While lesser men may have fled the state, Elon Musk chose to double down and use his vast resources to restore power to the Lone Star State.

Musk instructed engineers at his new Austin-based energy plant to come up with an immediate solution for the problem. Fearing for their jobs, they sprung into action, and within hours came up with a solution that not only powers the state but also protects its southern border.

A series of treadmills were set up and attached to the power grid. Massive billboards were placed facing Mexico flashing “ENTRE AQUI” in festive colors

As soon as Musk flipped the on switch, Mexicans quickly approached in droves.  They walked and ran for hours, never noticing the promised land of hard labor for less than a minimum wage was never getting any closer.

As soon as they tired of the effort, the next wave would step up, all the while restoring energy to Six Flag State.

“I am a Texan now.  When a Texan is faced with a Texas-sized problem, Texans come up with Texas-sized solutions.  Remember the a la mode…or something like that.  Yee haw.”

Proud words by the newest resident of the Beto O’Rourke State.  His impact is already being felt not only by the state of Texas but also their rival, Oklahoma.

The Sooner State remains powerless and has asked Musk to extend his newfound power solution to their state.  But, in true Texas fashion, Musk told Oklahoma, “Hell no.  I’m a Texan now.  Go find your own billionaire investor.”

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