Pelosi Says Majorie Taylor Greene Is ‘Even Dumber Than Trump’

The truth is right in front of you

Nancy Pelosi must be drunk again. She was talking to reporters about one of the newest representatives, Georgia’s Majorie Taylor Greene when she started verbally assaulting the freshman representative and did not mince words.

Pelosi went on a tirade against MGT in front of the media, other elected officials and there were even small children present. This is not how a speaker of the house should ever speak, especially about one of her duly elected colleagues.

She was asked about Majorie Taylor Greene’s recent comments on Twitter about her love for our greatest president, Donald J Trump, and Pelosi gave a look of disgust before launching into an attack on the pro-Trump Georgia representative.

She said she was confidently stupid, a walking, talking case of Dunning Krueger.

“Majorie Taylor Greene might just be the dumbest person in this Congress, and that’s ever served in Congress.”  

She likened her to, in her words, “an even dumber Trump.”

This isn’t Pelosi’s first rodeo when it comes to disparaging republicans. She tore into Donald Trump every chance she got, she also insults Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, republican senators of Texas and Missouri, respectively.

Pelosi seems to despise those who love our greatest president, and, even quietly, those Americans who still support him and hopes to see him back in office. Pelosi is hateful, and that’s just sad.

Idaho Congressional member Joseph Barron has heard Pelosi make fun of Trump, MGT, Q, and a host of conservatives and conservatively held beliefs over the last five years. She’s especially vicious to the Q movement and the Proud Boys, whom she refers to as the Loud Gals.  

But she’s never targeted anyone as she does for Majorie Taylor Greene. She is especially mean and unforgiving towards her.

What’s so bad about Majorie Taylor Greene, republican of Georgia?  Besides being an incredibly stupid person, she really knows nothing. Literally absolutely nothing.

Be it thinking Jewish space lasers caused the California fires to institute Matzo Law, falling for satire news, or thinking that Q’s dumbest conspiracies are true, she embarrasses herself and her constituents on a daily basis. But then again, they did vote for her. God bless America.

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