Dominion CEO Makes Stunning Voting Machine Admission

Voting machines provided by Dominion Voting Systems were widely used across the United States in the November election. Until now, the machines were considered the industry standard.

Today, Dominion CEO Harvey Epstein made a stunning admission regarding his company’s voting machines. The machine you voted on may have contained a virus.

The machines, which are manufactured in China, feature Data East anti-virus software, the most secure anti-virus software in the market.

While the software is almost 100 percent effective at blocking modern-day viruses, Democratic hackers, with the help of the Chinese government, found a way in.

Taking a page from the movie Independence Day, in which Jeff Goldblum is piloted to an alien mothership by Will Smith to infect its network with a virus, these hackers found a way around the anti-virus software by installing a very old and basic program. Oregon Trail.

The Oregon Trail virus got in virtually undetected. Its 8-bit technology is foreign to modern anti-virus software. It was like straining pasta through a tennis racquet.

Once in, it wreaked havoc amongst Dominion’s systems, manipulating them for their own pre-arranged outcome.

Voters whose choices triggered the virus were threatened with such ailments as fatal exhaustion, cholera, and dysentery. The fear of these coerced many swing-state voters to alter their decisions in favor of the Democratic Party.

What is truly diabolical in this is that poll watchers are looking for voter fraud. There is no fraud to be found in this sort of tampering. Any audit of the ballots come out as the voters actually voted.

It’s sort of a reverse Tron. Instead of pulling us into the game, the Democrats forced the game upon voters entering the booth.

We should not have to be hyper-hydrated just to survive the voting process, and the criminals who allowed this to happen should be brought to justice. I’m thinking a good high noon hanging is in order.

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