DOJ Head Jeffrey Rosen To Announce Warrants For Clinton, Obama and Dominion

The truth is right there in front of you

Donald Trump’s new attorney general Jeffrey Rosen will be announcing warrants for several deep states and other operatives involved in the election steal.

The decision to announce the warrants was to give state DOJ offices time to gather resources to conduct a major operation into arresting several high-level democrats and even republicans that have been involved in the 2020 election.

The list of warrants includes Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Georgia governor Brian Kemp, the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems along with several Pennsylvania and Michigan democrats who were complicit in the presidential election. 

This comes before the election result was to be set in congress by Vice President Mike Pence and the massive rally planned for that day. Rosen also announced that if Pence does not contest what he considers fraudulent electors, he too will be arrested by the department of justice for sedition and treason.

Attorney General Rosen has been collecting evidence since he took office in late December from Bill Barr, who was thought to be retiring to be able to spend more time with his family, but was revealed to be under investigation for his ties to Dominion. 

Rosen has promised president Trump that no stone will be left unturned and arrests would be imminent. Rosen got right to work on the task at hand, and even though nothing was found and more interesting, that the only places that dominion was used was in states that trump won, he would trudge on anyway.  He didn’t want a mean tweet by the Orange fatass.

Trump, who pretended to look over the documents, which were nothing more than cookie recipes with names instead of Ingredients, was happy with the progress Rosen had made. 

Finally, Trump would be vindicated. He then continued his golf game and pounded 3 Big Macs and a gallon of Diet Coke. Trump knew this was his moment.  He threw on a MAGA hat and rode off on his golf cart, knowing that not even 340,000 dead Americans from Covid, his biggest failure, would stop him from a 2nd term.

Joseph Barron and Sandra Batt, who are tasked with typing out the documents for Trump, don’t ever worry about him catching on.

“He doesn’t read unless there are pictures or it’s something telling him how great he is. He’s literally the dumbest person on the planet,  so we just have fun with the briefings. In 4 years we’ve never been caught, so we know it’s not going to change now!” 

Simply just telling Trump what he thinks he wants to hear gets the job done. God bless America!

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