Dr. Biden Refers to Melania as : ‘That Dingbat’


We haven’t seen any evidence whatsoever of any “voter fraud” or “cheating” in the 2020 election beyond a Republican voter or two committing the federal crime for the benefit of losing candidate Donald Trump.  What we have seen evidence of, however, is that there is certainly no love lost between the former President’s party and family and those of the incoming Biden administration.

“Is she one of those doctors that can get cocaine because I will totally switch sides. Like TODAY.”

With Trump attempting to hang one of his usual first grade nicknames – “China Joe” – around the neck of his successor even though he himself is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to the communist juggernaut, social media has become a virtual “flamefest” between the two warring sides.

Just this weekend, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, who is a doctor, entered the fray with a caustic series of barbs during an interview with Joe Barron of The Queeflantic magazine.

“We’re looking forward to bringing class and intelligence back to the People’s House after four long years of President Romper Room and the Dingbat.  You know, the thing about Malaria, or whatever that poor beet farmer’s name Is, is that you want to feel bad for her, but then she blabbers out something dumber even than her sewer clog of a husband does.  She’s like a ratchet version of Nellie Olsen who failed English class and just married an old fat man so she can eat bon bons in an outhouse with a lock on the door.”

The more insulting portions of the interview went viral almost immediately, with the hashtag : “#DingbatMelania” trending for days.  One YouTube personality known as “Cockenballs1999” even made the jibe into a catchy song, “Be Dingbat Best”.

Don’t worry Lindsey, you can be Dingbat Number Two.

So far, Mrs. Trump has not responded in the media to her new sobriquet, which is a word that kind of means “nickname”, for all of you Trump supporters who may be sounding out the words to this article.  We’ll see who comes out on top of this spat – The Doctor or the Golddigger.

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