New Reality Show ‘Deprogramming Trumpers’ Premieres in July on A&E


Reality television shows are huge cash cows.  Drastically reduced budgets requiring less money for production design, sets, and high-priced stars can make a lineup of already proven to be addictive programming a gold mine.

There are shows about 600 pound people.  There are shows about dwarf families and rich housewives and warehouse auctions.  But there are also the psychological circuses.  “Fear Factor.”  “Breaking Mormon.”  “Intervention.”  “Men Who Paint their Penises.”

“Hookers Escaping Tucker Carlson’s Basement”…

Now the A&E network is adding to that list with their new and very topical hour-long reality drama “Deprogramming Trumpers”.  Producer and head of the network’s Hoarding Division, Joe Barron, described the forthcoming show as : “Part Doctor Phil and part One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

“There are millions of people afflicted with the Trump mentality out there.  All of them are severely mentally damaged, believing in irrational and impossible events and fallacies – stolen elections, pizza parlor prisons, all of that nonsense.”

“All of the brainwashing came from simple techniques used by Donald Trump and the irresponsible pundits that helped push it.  What we plan to do is feature two such sufferers per episode receiving professional deprogramming therapy from some of the top cult-mentality treating professionals. You will get into their delusion.  You will marvel at what the mind can be twisted into.  And you will celebrate the resulting  normal, productive citizen.”

“Good news Billy! Mommy’s stopped trying to decode Q messages from stray cat organs!”

The episodes will feature actual recorded footage of victims of the Trump Cult gathered from across the country, most referred to by family members in lieu of having them institutionalized.  Many are also made to receive treatment by their local police and mental health departments as a part of some criminal sentencing.

“Reprogramming Trumpers” is set to begin airing on the Arts and Entertainment network on Monday nights at 9 p.m. in July.  It’s believed that this slot will attract even more jobless and elderly Trump weebles for future seasons.

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