Democrats Approve Gender Reassignment Surgery for Oregon Congressman

The truth is right in front of you

Juan “Bender” Rodriguez (D) of Oregon’s 6th District has been in the news for his larceny conviction and for starting a pyramid scheme that defrauded seniors.  Now for the biggest bilking of taxpayers so far, Congressman Rodriguez has decided to file all of the appropriate paperwork to obtain gender reassignment surgery.

The Congressman’s lead henchman, Dan Russell, said that all Rodriguez has to do was complete form 58008 and gain unanimous approval from a secret subcommittee that consists only of Democrats.

“The Congressman has always wanted to be in the Robot Olympics but knew that there was no way that he could compete.  He decided that changing out some of his robot parts would help him to achieve this dream.

Unfortunately, the United States Olympic Committee has integrity and will not allow the Congressman to compete as female for the United States, so he is currently filing paperwork to start his own country, likely with blackjack and hookers.”

Approval was a slam dunk. Russell said that he was just going to make up something about religious freedom, which should keep the Republicans quiet if they want to keep their church tax exemptions.

There is no specific timetable on when the procedure, which is completely reversible for robots, will take place. Professor Hubert Farnsworth will perform the operation, which consists of an antenna removal and an oil change at a cost to taxpayers of $23.95 with coupon.

Since “Bender” Rodriguez is a robot, he will not miss any work time with the exception of the operation itself and the follow-up visit to the Professor to ensure that the seal where the antenna is currently will not be leaking.

The Democrats are wasting our taxpayer’s time and money on frivolous pursuits such as this operation.  It is time that we the people take back the People’s House and make our whole government red again and get the clowns out of office, starting with the robot representing the 6th District of Oregon.

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