Democrat Scheme Foiled by Don Jr.’s Sharp Eyes

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats have long been known as the party of liars, cheaters, philanderers, nepotists, and frauds, unlike the Trump family who are Godly Christians. They proved this yet again by foiling the latest nefarious scheme by Democrats to rig the election.

Don Jr., Eldest son of President Trump, was perusing the internet when he saw a Craigslist ad offering to pay people to attend a Trump rally. Don Jr, knew this was baloney created to make Trump look bad.

Jr. took immediate action and had the ad removed, which caused the Trump rally to have only twelve attendees. If not for his sharp eyes and swift action, the Democrats could have gotten away with this scheme.

In an interview with the Dunning-Kruger Gazette about his heroics, Jr had this to say:

“Obviously the Democrats did this to make us look bad! It’s always the Democrats or Deep State, Soros, Bill Gates, the lizard people, the globalists, the Illuminati, NASA, Big Globe, Big Etsy, or Big Windmill.

Nothing happens by chance. It is always a nefarious plot by one of these groups. And Republicans have never done anything bad. It’s as clear as day.

I have singlehandedly saved the election. This plot was sure to give the Democrats victory, and now that I have foiled it, the Democrats have no chance at winning. And if they do, it was fraud. Because I said so.”

Every day the Trump family shows they are always one step ahead. They are the roadrunner to the Democrat coyote. They are the best thing ever to happen to America.

Many people are saying Jr should run for President in 2024 after they see his many feats of mental gymnastics. Like his father, his wisdom is great and unmatched.

Having a monarchy of the Trump family is exactly what America needs.

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