Democrat Memo Leaked: ‘If We Can Keep The Riots Going, We Will Win’

The truth is right in front of you

To date, Democrats have refused to condemn the riots and violence that are plaguing our nation from coast-to-coast.

They have had many opportunities following reported assaults, arson, vandalism, and intimidation, but have made no mention of their opposition to any of this.

One might think that the party is actually happy with the level of violence in America at the moment. But that would be crazy, right?

Not so crazy as it turns out.

A memorandum leaked from inside the DNC has confirmed what many have long suspected: the Democrat Party wants the riots to not only continue, but to grow.

The directive found on the internal memo states this quite clearly.

“This is a challenging election. Despite the chaos outside, President Trump may still manage to win. Steps must be taken to prevent this — steps that some may consider unorthodox, but, Mr Biden feels, necessary nonetheless.

The longer these riots continue, and the more they grow, the worse the current president looks. Already, Trump is trying to blame Joe for his own disaster, despite the fact that Joe is not even in office yet. It’s crazy, I know, but it might be just so crazy that it will work.

A strong campaign explaining to the more dimwitted voters that everything that’s happening now is happening in Trump’s America is our best bet to gain success. We have to point out that all of these problems are occurring under his watch and, perhaps, explain that ‘Biden alone’ can fix them.

Every opportunity must be taken to encourage this slant regarding the ongoing news of turmoil. Additionally, efforts must be made to spread the violence into other parts of the country — into red states is ideal.

This can be done in a number of ways: We can continuously cast blame during speeches and interviews, we can start an advertising blitz, and we can — and should — commence with the hiring of personnel to carry out the unrest in every city across the nation.

Get the word out! The DNC will pay top dollar to BLM activists and our Antifa brothers and sisters for participating in and extending the riots.

If we can make the violence contribute right up to the election day, a blue win is a sure thing.“

This is the most despicable strategy we have seen from the left. Encouraging violence and crime is immoral and not befitting of a leader.

Vote red.

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