Cuomo: “Trump Supporters are Banned from Entering NYC.”

In a press briefing yesterday, The governor of NYC Andrew Cuomo decried that, “Under no circumstances should, Trump supporters be admitted into the city.” This decision was made because of the overwhelming fake evidence, the deep state has concocted, Trump supporters were a threat to the COVID team”s efforts to stymie the hoax virus’s spread and was said, “Trump fans specifically are, “Super spreaders” that could cause many more “infections” if, Trump voters were allowed into the already stricken liberal city.” De Blasio has already confirmed arrangements for check points to be established, from the south interstate highway and the northern entrance of the Brooklyn bridge into NYC.

The first response team and local police was also told to ‘shoot on site with knockout darts” any Trump flag waving people, whom were likely to refuse to wear a mask. This extreme stance was welcomed by the majority of liberal citizens and the mainstream media. The governor and the rest of the librats that lurk in NYC. 

As yet Mr Cuomo has yet to face the music of the republican party, the state legislator and the DOJ. Its as if Mr Cuomo is sporting a fight on us conservative folks and will get it, if he refuses to renege on his stance that Trump supporters are not welcome in NYC!

We got a response from are President Donald Trump about the effrontery, that Mr Cuomo is displaying, and possible treasonous acts of violence on are voters,


“It’s really sad, I mean it’s totally bad and sad, when someone tells someone else, who doesn’t exactly think as you do, to stop in their tracks. It’s horrendous what Cuomo, the loser, is doing to try and stop the spread of the ‘China virus’ and by stopping my people from entering NYC. It’s so bad and this could be treason on many levels. I’ve said I have a beautiful vaccine ready to go on that special day, you know , that special day and I’m not politicising the vaccine at all, really! It could mean the end of the year but, for arguments sake, the special day on the same day as the election or quite close, I can tell you, seems a lot better for everyone and people too! I may have to call my special militia in to quell the insurrection. in NYC!” 

Unlike the lame stream media, Trumps tells it like it is and he’s got his little fingers on the pulse of America, like a doctor looking for signs of life. Hurry up President Trump! America is nearly dead and it’s the liberal democrats fault as well we know,  who’ve been up to their little tricks to stop us Trump folks, entering into NYC. Even if it is sick and diseased and over run by Librats! 


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